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Global Silicon Valley StartUp Connect is an expression of my passion, helping people around the world start and build companies.

Through this blog/website, I hope to share useful insights, tools and resources which founders and organizations worldwide can utilized to help start, build and scale new companies.

I especially want to help people in remote places and from difficult circumstances to start and build companies and to succeed in realizing their dreams and also making the world a better place.

I was born on the wrong side of the tracks with very limited family resources, but I was fortunate in making early decisions which took me around the world and to both Stanford University and Harvard Business School. I consulted to major companies (e.g. Disney) on starting new businesses (e.g. Disney Stores), and I started an early internet company, Mercury Seven, Inc., which was essentially an early incubator for Internet-based businesses. I want to share what I have learned and to help others make connections to create and build a better and more sustainable future.

This site is a reflection of my passion. I hope it is useful to people seeking to build new businesses.

I hope you will contribute to the website by listing yourself and other resources/service providers in our GSV Startup Resource Directory. Also please Like and Share our Posts and Pages. And refer us to anyone who is seeking to start a company. There are great resources for people seeking to start companies. Let’s help Connect these resources into the vibrant global vibrant startup eco-system.

In addition, I am seeking people who can assist me in this endeavor. If you wish to write about Startups, Provide Expertise or Serve as an Ambassador in your Startup Eco-System, please contact me.


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