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Expo 2020 Dubai in 2021

Showcase Your Technology - Company - Creation to the World. Connect with People from Around the World

Connecting Minds – Creating the Future. The event promises to be the “most interconnected and immersive mega event in history”

New Dates: 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022

With the world coming together — Dubai will be showcasing immersive technologies and it will be a laboratory for testing new technologies that will land in the tourist destinations of the future.

“Discovering the potential to shape the future. Allowing a more intelligent movement of knowledge, ideas and goods. Looking for new ways to conserve the planet. The ideas showcased at Expo 2020 Dubai will open doors for conversation and action and help create a better world.”


With the build of Dubai 2020 well on its way especially in light of the one year delay due to COVID10, it may be difficult to get your product or company showcased if you are not already involved, but there will be plenty to see, learn and do. And with so many companies involved from around the world, there will be tremendous networking opportunities.

People attending Dubai 2020 will receive a special smartphone app which is intended to facilitate business networking by allowing guests to see who is close by at any given time and to facilitate meetings of people with common interests or complimentary business objectives. If designed and executed well it could be a game-changer by making it easier to identify and connect with people who could be important to your startup business.


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