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Google for Startups

Google’s initiative to help startups thrive across every corner of the world, bringing the best of Google's products, connections, and practices to enable startups to build something better.

Wherever your startup is, from concept to scaleup, Google for Startups can help move your business forward.

Find all of Google’s products and tools in one location to help startups with:

  • Building and Operating Apps and Web Sites
  • Optimizing Product for the Web
  • Hosting + Storage
  • Internet Security
  • Machine Learning
  • Monetizing Your Product
  • Advertising for Startups
  • Getting and Understanding Analytics
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Setting and Track Goals
  • Building Community
  • Learning Best Practices
  • Designing and Testing

Google for Startups Accelerator is a global series of programs for growth-stage startups to get technical, product and leadership training from experts, tailored to their business. Providing expert, tailored training and mentorship from Google designed to help your startup scale.

Google runs and partners with leading coworking spacesaccelerator programs, and events to help startups do what they do best.

Google Startups Community

Google for Startups operates six Campus spaces and partners with dozens of hubs to bring people together, connect them with others, and help launch great startups. In addition, Google partners with Tech Hubs and Accelerators around the World

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