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EQ for Entrepreneurs

Emotional Intelligence is more important than IQ for Entrepreneurs Building Companies

Even if you have the best idea, you probably won’t go far as an entrepreneur if you have Low Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Learn about EQ and with these 7 Videos and Exercises from the TechStar’s ToolKit

Tools, Exercises and Videos to Strengthen your Emotional Intelligence from Teach Star’s Tool Kit

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Build Self Awareness

Be Present

Manage Your Fears

Use Flexible Thinking

Embrace Feedback

Become a Strong Coach

“Emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of the most important soft skills for an entrepreneur to develop. The ability to manage one’s emotions and those around you is a powerful tool that can impact the success of your business”

TechStarsTool Kit
Anna Barber, Managing Director of Techstars LA

Go to the TechStars Tool Kit Topic 17 for the Seven Videos and Exercises

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