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Top Tech Hubs

KPMG ranks the world's leading innovation hubs. Singapore, London, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and NYC are ranked as top technology innovation hubs outside Silicon Valley

The KPMG 2020 Technology Innovation Hubs Report includes perspectives from KPMG’s latest global Technology Industry Innovation Survey, now in its eighth year. More than 800 global technology industry leaders (54 percent C-suite) ranked the cities and countries that are leading innovation centers. The publication also outlines what technology company executives and venture capitalists should consider when selecting and investing in technology centers.

Survey respondents voted a modern infrastructure the most important factor to enable a city to become a technology innovation center, followed by an urban locale that attracts young professionals, the presence of at least one research university, and available investment funding.

At the country level, India moved up in the rankings to tie China for second place as the country having the most promise for developing disruptive technologies. The U.S. remained number one and increased its lead compared to last year’s survey.

Hub Rankings:

#1 Silicon Valley

#2 Singapore

#3 London

#4 Tel Aviv

#5 Tokyo

#6 NYC

#7 Shanghai

#8 Beijing

#9 Seoul

#10 Bangalore

#11 Hong Kong

#12 Austin

#13 Boston

#14 Berlin

and more

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