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Station F: The Mega Paris Startup Campus

Largest Startup Campus in the World. Fast growing Startup Mega-system with 30+ different semi-autonomous Startup Programs, 1000+ startups, and more...

HUB: Paris, France

Paris’s mega-effort to merge Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurship with French culture + expertise. It’s probably not on your Paris bucket list, but it should be. If you are looking to create a startup in fashion, luxury goods, foodtech, fintech or social entrepreneurship, this could be the place for you. Participants come from all over the world and Americans make up the largest group after the French. The startup campus in Paris’s 13eme has over 1000+ startups, 30+ different incubator/accelerator programs and a residential facility with over 600 rooms.


It’s big. It’s ambitious. In just a few years, Station F has assembled major French and International Corporations as well as government agencies and French Universities into a possible game-changing innovation eco-system. But with so many elite corporate and government stakeholders, is it possible to be disruptive?

With so many entrepreneurial efforts under one very large roof, Station F has created a promising eco-system where the talents and fervor of so many smart and entrepreneurial can mix and possibly ignite into a nouveau French international version of Silicon Valley.

To its credit, Station F is drawing entrepreneurial talent from wide segments of the French population as well as broad international participation. This could prove to be the catalyst for true innovation.

The Buzz

“There is tremendous startup and industry expertise here. It’s easy to find the expertise and connections to build and scale.”

“It’s a great community, but not everybody mixes. Sometimes I feel like an outsider amongst the older more corporate types. We could probably learn much more from each other, but there are real cultural, hierarchy and language differences.”

“The real creative energy comes from the mostly younger and more diverse participants who live on campus. The real networking and growth happens at night in the bar and the residences.”

“Xavier and Roxanne have created something unique and great. He is a proven entrepreneur and she comes from Palo Alto. They are passionate and smart. They are investing in the new generation which could really change France.”

“We watch ‘Emily in Paris’ the other night. That Paris does not exist. You could make a much more interesting show here.”

“Possibly the best start-up enterprise outside of Silicon Valley.”

Station F Profile

“Based in central Paris, STATION F gathers a whole entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof. We help entrepreneurs bring their ambitious ideas to life.”

Source: Station F

Founded by: Xavier Niel

Directed by: Roxanne Varza

Started: 29, June 2017


Facebook: StationF

Sation F on YouTube

Address: 5 Parvis Alan Turing, 75013 Paris, France

Located in the Halle Freyssinet, 13 eme Paris

Size: 51,000 Sq Meters “It’s the Largest Startup Campus in the World”

Description: “Startup Campus”, 30 Startup Programs : Accelerators, Incubators, Startup Services, Industry Specific Programs

“Station F is for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs only.” “Choose the program that fits you best.”

Entrepreneur First: EF helps the most ambitious individuals find a co-founder, develop an idea, and build a company.

LuxuryTech, FinTech, AI, Consumer Aps, Consumer + Entertainment, MedTech, Microsoft AI Factory, Facebook Accelerator AI-Data Security, FoodTech, BeautyTech, AdTech, MediaTech, Insead LaunchPad Early Stage, Customer Experience, Tech for Good, Mobility, eCommerce, CyberSecurity, French Overseas Network, Design, Industrial Products, Construction + Real Estate , and More…

“We have a program for each industry vertical, run by a corporation, a school or a startup network. Each program has a dedicated selection process and provides tailored accompaniment and support on top of general campus resources, accessible to all startups at STATION F.”

Station F

3,000 workstations, 370 seat auditorium, market place, restaurant, 3 bars

Office Spaces, Co-working Spaces, Meeting Rooms

Added Services: Fabrication Lab, 3D Printing

Residential Apartments / Co-Living Spaces/ Housing Solutions: 100 Apartments, 600 Beds

“Housing is one of the main issues for entrepreneurs joining STATION F from outside of Paris. And that’s a problem we’re solving with Flatmates so our entrepreneurs can focus on more important issues. When you arrive at Flatmates, all you need is to bring your personal suitcase and that’s, literally, it. Flatmates will house 600 STATION F residents that are matched with Whoomies’ algorithm to ensure the best fit!”

Station F Flatmates

Investor/Funding Program

“Our community of over 100 venture capital funds are available for startups to guide startups in their business whether it’s with fundraising or simply to practice pitching. The full list of VC funds is available on the STATION F intranet, HAL, and our on-site Investment team is available to help startup CEOs.”

30+ Public Administrations

Experts from all public services useful for startups are based on-site at STATION F. You can request a one-to-one meeting with members of Pôle Emploi, URSSAF, INPI, Cnil, BPI, Douanes… to find answers on intellectual property, taxes, research, visas and access to workshops with experts on French laws and regulations.

Development Progress

First Year: 2017-18 Source: Station F First Year Report June 2018

1,000 Startups on Site 40 VC’s, Lots of Events

31 Startup Programs: 1/3 Startup Organizations, 1/3 Corporates, 1/3 Schools

Lauched Fighters Program: Entrepreneurs from Underprivileged Backgrounds

1,000 seat Restaurant

11,271 Startup Applications Received: 9% Selection Rate: Applications from around the World (France, USA, India, Spain, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Nigeria, Belgium)

Experts from all public services useful for startups are based on-site at STATION F, inside the French Tech Central. You can request a one-to-one meeting with members of Pôle Emploi, URSSAF, INPI, Cnil, BPI, Douanes… to find answers on intellectual property, taxes, research, visas and access to workshops with experts on French laws and regulations.

Second Year: 2018-19: Station F Second Year Data Report

1,217 Startups

45% Female Started Companies; 1/3 Residents are Women

Wide Range of Represented Sectors including 15% B to B and 11% Social Impact

Growing Access to Funding in All Stages: 41% of Startups raised Funds. Total: 317 Million Euros Raised

Several Exits by Acquisition

51% of the Startups operate outside of France

Station F Startups

STATION F unveils Future 40 2020, highlighting its most promising companies

The Future 40 companies have all benefited from a dedicated pitch training program and introductions with investors to ensure they can make the most of Future 40. Throughout the year, STATION F accompanies Future 40 companies to ensure they can bring their ambitious ideas to life in the best conditions possible. See the Companies.

Top Startups

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